Ramadan Pita

Ramadan Pita

For 3 Ramadan Bakery Pita.


1 kg flour, 3 glasses of water, 1 table spoons of instant dry yeast, 3 dessert spoons of salt, 1 dessert spoon of sugar, ½ glass of wheat bran

For the top of the pita:

1 scrambled egg, sesame or black cumin as desired

Instructions: Set the Luxell Pastry Maker oven with the tray inside, to 240 ̊C for pre-heating, and turn it on with the lower-upper and turbo settings activated for 25 minutes pre-heating. To prepare the pita dough, mix the flour and the dry yeast in a wide bowl, slowly adding water. Knead the dough with your hands until it reaches a slightly sticky consistency. Cover the top of the mixing bowl with a damp cloth and leave the dough for fermenting in a mild place for 30 minutes. Following the initial rising, knead the dough again and leave it for fermenting for an additional 15 minutes. Spread flour on the counter where you will shape the dough, place a sufficiently large piece of pita dough on the counter and spread it with your fingertips so that it will be round with approximately 25cm diameter. You can make diamond shaped dents on the dough with your fingertips to obtain the traditional Ramadan pita pattern. Using a brush, spread scrambled eggs on the pita and ornament it with sesame or black cumin as desired. After ornamenting the top of the pita, place the dough on a counter where plenty of wheat bran is sprinkled, and allow for the bottom surface of the pita to be completely covered with bran. Carefully place the pita dough on the hot tray inside the oven which was pre-heated for 25 minutes. Cook it at 240˚C for 10 minutes, checking it, until the top of the dough is roasted.